Annual Conference Planning Committee

The Annual Conference Planning Committee plans and organizes the Northwest Biosolids Management Association's Annual Biosolids Management Conference, known by many as "BioFest." The NBMA has held an annual conference since 1988 and recent years' conferences have attracted an average of 125 attendees. The conference has typically been held the weekend after Labor Day.

Upcoming Conferences
September 7-9, 2014; Skamania Lodge; Stevenson, WA
September 20-22, 2015; Campbell's Conference Center; Chelan, WA

Past Conferences
2013 - The Biosolids Buffet; Chelan, WA
2012 - Biosolids: Growing to the Future
2011 - Biosolids: It's Something to Brag About!; Stevenson, WA
2010 - Biosolids: A Piece of the Sustainability Pie; Chelan, WA
2009 - Back to School: Biosolids Basics; Blaine, WA
2008 - Biosolids: Pride & Prejudice; Stevenson, WA
2007 (20th Anniversary) - Biosolids XX: Survival of the Fittest; Chelan, WA
2006 - Biosolids Energized; Blaine, WA
2005 - Biosolids: The Cutting Edge; Chelan, WA
2004 - Mountains or Molehills: Sorting Through the Issues; Welches, OR
2003 - The Biosolids Toolbox; Chelan, WA
2002 - The Biosolids Network: All Biosolids, All the Time; Harrison Hot Springs, BC
2001 - Biosolids: The Next Generation; Chelan, WA
2000 - Storms on the Horizon: Confronting Complacency; Ocean Shores, WA
1999 - Recipes for Success; Chelan, WA
1998 - No NBMA Annual Conference Held (Water Environment Federation Specialty Conference in Bellevue, WA)
1997 - Illuminating the Future: Building Alliances and Markets; Vancouver, WA
1996 - A Bridge to Sustainability; Chelan, WA
1995 - The Biosolids Trilogy: Quality, Perception, Collaboration; Silverdale, WA
1994 - Conveying the Message; Chelan, WA
1993 - Entering a New Era
1992 - No NBMA Annual Conference Held (Water Environment Federation Speciality Conference)
1991 - How Clean is Your Sludge? Working Together to Create Quality Sludge
1990 - In Whose Backyard: Involving Citizens in Critial Decisions About Sludge Recycling & Mgt.
1989 - A Cooperative Approach to Sludge Management
1988 - A Cooperative Approach to Sludge Management

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