It may be that memories of the fire pit and the beautiful sunset are still fresh in your mind, but the Biofest planning committee has already started planning our 2017 event at their meeting last week. We have the honor of partnering with BioCycle magazine for a first-ever joint conference.  The conference will be held in Portland at the Red Lion on Jantzen Beach.  The Biofest portion will begin on Sunday October 15th with a full day on the 16th.  We will then begin blending with BioCycle following our full day.  Tours will take place on the 19th.  This will be a BioCycle conference focused on anaerobic digestion and the solids from digestion – topics near and dear to our Biofest conferences.  We are working to make sure that we preserve the family style feel of Biofest while taking advantage of the wide audience and offerings of the BioCycle meeting.  We will have plenty of talks on the science of biosolids as well as practical presentations on how to develop land application programs and new types of uses for solids!

Stay tuned for more conference updates and mark your calendars for BioFest at BioCycle REFOR17 on Oct 15-19th in Portland, Oregon. 


Biofest 2016In 2016, NW Biosolids shed some light and started a conversation around the significance and extraordinary role biosolids play in the greater scheme of things. Ground breaking research projects answered questions that were asked by us in the biosolids field and by our communities. 

Featured sessions examined social media & biosolids possibilities and how to weigh the plethora of considerations when choosing a biosolids program management plan, application methods and technology options. Click here to view the presentations.

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