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AmTest Laboratories
Located in Redmond, Washington, AmTest is a full service analytical laboratory servicing the environmental, biosolids, industrial hygiene and petrochemical fields. We are certified by the Washington State Department of Ecology for environmental analyses, Washington State Department of Health for drinking water parameters and National Institute of Safety and Health for industrial hygiene services. We have experience with all levels of biosolids testing: fecal coliform, vector attraction reduction, metal and nutrients. We currently have many NBMA member customers and invite inquiries from others. Please give us a call at (206) 885-1664 or visit our website.

Arrow Transportation
Your best advantage is to talk to us early in your project. Our knowledge and working partnerships allow us to shape your project to ensure that all stakeholders are sharing in the cost savings, meet all safety and environmental standards, ensure the most appropriate feedstock is sources and that all other services provided are of the highest standard and quality. Whether water retention or drainage is your geographcal challenge, the incorporation of appropriate feedstocks allow us to produce the highest quality soil for your project requirements.

Beaver Equipment Co.
Manufacturers representative for biosolids, water and wastewater equipment manufacturers including Varex, Eimco and Charter Machine.

Bio Recycling Corp.

Boulder Park Inc.
Boulder Park Inc. provides reliable biosolids reuse sites for many wastewater treatment facilities across the Washington State. BPI is located in Douglas County and is a 3rd and 4th generation farmer owned and operated site, recycling biosolids since 1992.

Brown & Caldwell
In addition to biosolids treatment and management services, Brown and Caldwell's engineering services include potable water and wastewater conveyance and treatment, infrastructure planning and design, facility operations services, stormwater design and treatment, master planning, condition assessment, energy management, instrumentation & controls. Environmental services include regulatory compliance and permitting, site investigations, remediation, hydraulics and hydrology surface water modeling, solid waste, water resources, industrial water quality, air quality. Business Practice Consulting services include asset management, procurement advisory services, competitive performance, security services, risk assessment, information technology, funding strategies.

ByoGon Northwest, LLC
Supplier of all natural bio-stimulant for wastewater and soil. Also provide soil amendments for the permanent encapsulation of salts, excess ions and heavy metals.

Carollo Engineers

Cascade Analytical, Inc.

Cedar Grove Systems
Cedar Grove Systems is an authorized distributor of the GORE® Cover System composting technology. The system is centered on membrane laminate technology, similar to that of its world famous GORE-TEX® fabrics. The integrated system includes GORE® Cover, in-floor aeration, aeration blowers, oxygen and temperature sensors, controllers, computers, software, cover handling systems, training, engineering guidance, installation support and the experience gained through installing over 150 facilities worldwide.

Clearwater Tech LLC
Dewatering of septage and grease trap waste. Land application of biosolids. Have ProTwin slinger for custom application.
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Fire Mountain Farms, Inc.
Fire Mountain Farms, Inc., is a diversified farming operation producing cattle, hay, small grains, timber and cottonwood in Southwest Washington. We have developed our farming operation around recycling of recoverable resources that can be used as fertilizers or soil amendments. We are currently farming 650 acres and have permits for biosolids application of an additional 700 acres. We are now branching out into composting and handling of recoverable resources that can be used as livestock feed.
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FKC Company, Ltd.
Flocculation, Thickening, Dewatering, Class A Options, Dewatering Skids
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Gaia Strategies

Goble Sampson Associates
Goble Sampson Associates is a leading Manufacturers‚ Representative of process equipment for Water and Wastewater Treatment covering the Western U.S. We are committed to provide cost effective solutions with a diversity of process equipment to municipal water, wastewater and energy markets. For Biosolids we provide process systems and equipment that include Belt Filter Press, Gravity Belt Thickeners, Spiral Heat Exchangers, Screw Thickener, Screw Press, Disc Thickener, Belt and Solar Dryers, Rotary Drum Thickener, Sludge Dryer, Liquid and Dry Polymer Blending Systems, Dissolved Air Flotation, Thickeners, Anaerobic Digestion Equipment (Mixers, Covers, Gas Collection), Waste-to-energy solutions to recovery nutrients and more.

Green Mountain Technologies
GMT was founded in 1992 to develop technology for the composting industry. GMT manufactures turn-key in-vessel systems and computer control systems for aerated static pile (ASP) composting. GMT also creates software tools and monitoring instruments for windrow composting sites to automate compliance with EPA 503 class A regulations.

GroCo, Inc.
6314 7th Ave. S.; Seattle, WA 98108. Phone (206) 622-4321

HDR Engineering, Inc.
HDR is a national, full-service consulting firm with local offices throughout the Northwest. We provide consulting services for municipal and commercial clients in engineering, architecture, and project development with expertise in 50 different design and scientific disciplines. Our local offices have experts in potable water and wastewater projects including distribution, conveyance, treatment, reuse, residuals and biosolids management, and emerging technologies. HDR offers a wide range of services with the exceptional experience and commitment of our employee-owners. We bring our knowledge and innovation to projects to create a lasting impact for our clients.

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants provides multidisciplinary environmental consulting services throughout the West and have been doing so since 1919. We serve public agencies, industry, institutions, and select commercial clients in the water environment (water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and biosolids), transportation (seaports, airports, and railroads), and industry (food processing and manufacturing) sectors. Our 22 offices include a strong local presence in the Pacific Northwest including offices in Seattle, Federal Way, Portland, and Eugene.
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Lystek International Inc.
Lystek is a thermal hydrolysis company founded at the University of Waterloo in 2000. Our patented, award-winning and proven process handles digested and undigested biosolids (after dewatering); and transforms these materials into multi-purpose, high solids liquid fertilzer product. The Lystek process is an innovative, energy-efficient, and cost-effective process involving a combination of heat, alkali, and high shear mixing.

Madison Biosolids Inc
Madison Biosolids Inc is a third generation farming business that land applies biosolids on their desert range land in Eastern Oregon from the cities of Portland, Salem, and Washington County, Oregon. Since 1990, we have successfully land applied over 1 million wet ton of biosolids. Madison Farms (the parent company of K & S Madison Inc) also manufactures and sells a down hole control valve for use in ASR technology its web site is Madison Farms ( also owns and operates a guest ranch and conference center in the foot hills of the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon its web site is

Natural Selection Farms
Natural Selection Farms, Inc. is permitted as a Biosolids Beneficial Use Facility in Eastern Washington for biosolids management programs. A WSDA and OMRI certified organic compost facility and an oil seed crushing operation. Natural Selection Farms has won awards for our innovative program that include: 2001 Green Globe Award from King County and the 2004 Excellence in Biosolids Management Award from NBMA, OR Assoc. of Clean Water Agencies and Pacific NW Clean Water Association. Please check out our new website at
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Northwest Cascade

O'Neill Sustainable Ag Consulting, LLC

PacifiClean Environmental
PacifiClean Environmental is proposing an Organic Processing facility, located just off interstate 90 east of Seattle, WA. The facility would be a state of the art Composting and Anaerobic Digestion Facility permitted as a 350 Composting facility and as a 308 biosolids Facility. The facility would process all four types of organics form Yard waste, Foodwaste, Agritultural waste and biosolids. Please call us for your organic waste processing needs.

As a 100-percent employee-owned firm, Parametrix is dedicated to providing quality engineering, planning, and environmental sciences with superior client service. Founded in Sumner, Washington in 1969, Parametrix now has offices across the western United States and more than 300 professionals providing multi-disciplinary services in transportation, natural resources, community building, water solutions, and environmental engineering and science.

Pedroni & Co. LLC
Manufacturers representative of water and wastewater treatment equipment serving Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho. Complete line of biosolids processing equipment including dewatering, handling, heating and digestion equipment. We represent FKC’s Screw Presses, Rotary Screen Thickeners and patented Class A process, Austin Mac's shaftless and shafted screw conveyors, Envirocare’s Scum Concentrators, Elanco’s spiral heat exchangers, Groth’s digester gas safety equipment, MARCAB’s digester gas conditioning equipment, OTI’s digester covers and mixers and other industry leading providers.
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Raincountry Industrial
Raincountry Industrial supplies agitation and odor control equipment for the biosolids industry.

ScreenCo Systems
Your leader in simple innovative technology. Screening and Grit removal products designed built and field tested by industry professionals. Simple equipment that really work! Made in the USA. We design and build Septic and grease receiving stations and Grit removal channels. Offload capacity range from 500 to 1000 GPM all Equipment is designed for gravity offload, and will remove over 99 % of the trash from any flow steam. Features include Aluminum construction with stainless steel 3/8 gapped screens ranging in size from 16 - 40.5 square feet of screening area and meet the 503 regulations. All stainless steel construction is optional. Our equipment is all non-mechanical and simple to use with no maintains cost. Grit removal channels are stainless steel with aluminum covers and range from 15 – 31.5 cubic feet of grit storage area, custom sizes available. Screenco is also a PATZ Dealer with conveyor systems, pit pumps and slurry mixing systems.

Soiltest Farm Consultants, Inc.
Soiltest Farm Consultants, Inc. is an established Pacific NW Laboratory which for over 30 years has provided professional analytical services on soil, biosolids, plant, feed, animal waste, water, compost & potting media for individuals, ag & related companies, food processors, municipalities and compost operations.  The Soiltest laboratory focuses on inorganic chemistry providing nutrient availability analyses and complete mineral & heavy metal analyses, including mercury.  We also have experience in nutrient management, manure and biosolids application planning, solid waste plan development and soil, surface- and ground-water monitoring.  We have a strict QA/QC program where quality, precision and accuracy are our objectives.  We are certified by WA Depts. of Ecology and Health for wastewater & drinking water testing and are an approved USCC STA compost laboratory - Tier I and II. For more company and lab testing information, call Kyle Bair or Brent Thyssen at 800-764-1622 or visit our website at 

SYLVIS Environmental Services
SYLVIS is a leading Canadian environmental consulting and contracting firm specializing in biosolids and residuals management. Unlike traditional consulting firms SYLVIS provides both expert services and turnkey biosolids and residuals management. We assess and prepare biosolids management plans and have the operational experience and equipment to implement these plans – including transportation, stockpiling and application.  Our range of services includes environmental policy and planning, land application, reclamation and restoration, environmental monitoring and assessment, and applied research.  For over 20 years SYLVIS has demonstrated environmental solutions through innovation and ability.

Tenelco, Inc.
Tenelco, Inc. specializes in technical and regulatory support for biosolids and organic residuals management. Tenelco maintains a permitted land application site in Douglas County and is dedicated to Getting Beyond Waste by Putting Resources to Work.

Terre-Source, Inc.
Terre-Source LLC provides multi-disciplinary environmental engineering support to clients regarding organic materials recycling, beneficial use, and diversion. We help plan, design, permit and optimize your composting or recycling program; help evaluate and improve waste reduction and recycling efforts; help work with regulators to get past rough spots in your compliance program; work through the SEPA process; prepare and implement Neighbor Relations Plans; complete and streamline annual reporting and testing; set up or optimize your marketing program; train your operators about composting and how to improve your products. Terre-Source can work as a “translator” between business and regulators, helping to educate, find middle ground, and repair relationships for smoother future interactions. We also create curricula and materials for in-school composting programs, help with start-up, grant-finding/writing assistance, and trouble shooting for all scales of composting operations.
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Trailer Sales LLC
Dealer for Trail King Belt Trailers. Trail King offers 3 models each with different options to fit the compost and biosolids market. Only Trail King offers a smooth belt design in addition to a traditional segmented flap belt. The smooth belt reduces chances of material contaminating roadways.
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Treatment Equipment Company
Treatment Equipment Company is a sales organization meeting the water and wastewater needs of communities, tribes, and developers throughout the West Coast. Through our complete line of process equipment, we approach our business with one goal: providing our clients with the most innovative and cost-effective treatment solutions available.