Terre-Source LLC, whose motto  is "Helping Compost Happen!", has been in business since 2002. Located in Mount Vernon, WA, it provides consulting services to commercial composters, both “organic” and “Organic” – both biosolids and non-biosolids.

What We Do

Consulting services include Operations Plans, permit applications, permit revisions, site inspections, design site installations, data analysis, research trials, staff training, and a variety of other services.

Tamara Thompson, the general manager of Terre-Source, has a single dot tattoo on her finger from a triple-ott pen from when she used to draft engineering plans 20+ years ago  - using ink on mylar.  She has three degrees, a BA in political science, a MSE in civil engineering, and a MS in soil chemistry.

To be successful, Tamara uses a variety of resources:

  • the internet and text references
  • compost organizations such as Washington Organic Recycling Council, US Compost Council
  • colleagues at WSU and Northwest Biosolids. 

Tamara also asks her clients if she comes across an issue.  They are the ones DOING it.  When the rubber meets the road, they know what works and what makes sense.  Her service is more a collaboration than just walking in and telling them something.  She helps them streamline, organize and manage what they already do so it works a little better.  But it always has to be within how they want it to work. 



The Town of LaConner is a great example of Terre-Source’s work. Tamara helped them with their Operations Plan; did a facility / process evaluation to determine their site capacity and how to increase their production; and set up several field trials & research trials to determine application rates and times and to show that phosphorus could be controlled using water treatment residuals in a biotreatment mix using their compost.